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NewFriends & family
Friends & family

From my beloved homeland - Iceland.

Denmark - Pictures and stories
from our travel around the land.

All things Eva
All things Eva :-)

Provence 2007
A quick weekend in Berlin 2007
Naxos 2006
ěstrig 2005

Preparations for our wedding day!

MC related Pictures
Everything motorcycle n car related

The MaineCoon fur ball Ramses II
The Norse Forestcat Samson.
Our first Norse Forestcat Ramses.
The hunter Isis.
And its cautious sister Titi.

Birthdayparty 2001.
Our New Year party 2001-02
Birthday time! Its the big 30! 2002.
Mikkel went on a short trip to Marseille & Amsterdam 2002. And to Iberia in 2003.
My graduation party!

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