Eruption 2010
Watching vulcanos blow

Hvaler og fugle m. Albert 2010.

Island 2009
Sommer 2009
med Haukur.

Christmas in Iceland 2008
We went on a little Christmas trip to Iceland 2008.

Laufabraud 2006
Laufabrauð hjá Kiddu frænku 2006.

Sightseeing summer 2003
We went on the big Tour de Iceland in the summer of 2003 - in Jeep.
And a little sightseeing at the time of the Lupin conference 2002.

Summer sightseeing 2004
We went on a little summer sightseeing on Reykjanes the summer of 2004.

Student years
First of a few pictures from my student years at Hvanneyri, the agricultural university in Iceland.

Friends 2001
A small collection of the friends and family that I visited in the summer of 2001.

Home sweet home
It was the night before christmas... Well late november 2001. The weather was perfect in an Icelandic kind of way

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